Out of my Way Auto Expandables!!

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Full disclosure I work for a #SSP. I see these ads going through our exchange sometimes. We have a do not run policy,and there is even a programmatic media buying spec called OpenRTB 2.1 we follow. 

There are some shady ads and then there are some shady ads. These lovely little rich media banners are in the gray area between what is acceptable and what is not. They really destroy the user experience,and regardless of the fact I work in advertising and love it, these ads still really are annoying. 

Any publisher who allow the ads to be run is destroying the user experience. End of story. When I’m trying to do something and a little ad pops up in my way I feel like I’ve been ported back to 1996 were 100,000 pop are bombarding my screen every 3 seconds. 

So, dear publishers don’t serve auto expandables regardless of the fact they will make you more money. Dear readers, I feel your pain,and I’ll do what I can to make sure these ads don’t bother you. End of rant. 


Back at it!!

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So, I’ve been neglecting you all for a while, sorry. I’ve made a move and now represent a company. The move was great and is good. I just want to let you all know now there is a ton of stuff moving forward I would like to share, but I just have been living in a hectic world. 

I have great insights on programmatic media demand buying and selling. That being said, I will share lots about programmatic media buying, RTB, SSPs, DSPs, and mobile advertising. Stay tuned!


Over HYPED Over SOLD?!?!

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With the recent firings occurring at Velti, people are beginning to speculate there is going to be a demise in mobile. WRONG!! Mobile marketing is still in its infancy. It’s like a baby, it is trying to crawl before it can walk. And, it has certainly fell enough times to figure out how to get a stable foothold. 

That being said like many other new channels mobile media has been over hyped and over sold. I drank the Kool-Aid and you may have too. Its just like social was 5 years ago. Only now are companies actually realizing they NEED to be on social media. How long has that adoption taken place. 5 years or more. I was on facebook in 05. 

There has always been a huge lag time between new market technologies and enterprise adoption. There big clunky incumbents who have a a hard time learning new tricks. They stick there toe in the water to see if its tolerable before diving in. 

With the current difficulties, fragmentation, and low eCPMs its no wonder why big business and their agencies are being hesitant to jump in full force to mobile. There are going to need to be a lot of changes that happen in the marketplace for the big money to start pouring in. Get read for massive M&A because the huge programmatic media buying stacks are here and the ones that figure out how to drive top line growth are going to win huge.  


Chameleon Botnet Fraud

This article sums it up pretty well but as advertisers we really need to know that we are working with vetted publishers who are serving ads to real people.  http://blog.isocket.com/2013/04/botnet-fraud-not-surprised/



This is really interesting and very true. There is a time value of data just like there is a time value of money. There is a decay of value if the information isn’t used before the necessary time. That is why it’s imperative that the SMAC data (Social, Mobile, Big Data Analytics, and Cloud) be available in real time and integrated with everything around us. I want my car to tell me there is someone speeding who isn’t going to stop before there light turns red, so I should slow down to avoid getting hit. http://www.sys-con.com/node/2599955